As part of the TEACHING GREEN project initiative, we have prepared various CHALLENGES for you, which we will announce at two-week intervals. We will be happy if you join them together with your students. You will learn more about climate change, its impact on your surroundings, and the possibilities of how you can mitigate these effects through your own actions.

We’ll be sharing the challenges on Instagram, so follow us at @teaching.greenproject and use #teachinggreenchallenge. We will always publish short information about the call ahead of time on the TEACHING GREEN INTERNATIONAL Facebook page. Your task will be to take a picture or record a video of how you are taking part in the challenge and tag the relevant challenge published on Instagram in your post.

Challenges are open to everyone – both individuals and groups. They are implemented simultaneously in 4 countries – Slovakia, Spain, Italy and Cyprus. Therefore, using the English language in your posts on Instagram is advisable.

The first challenge starts on January 30th 2023. So get ready, we’re starting soon!

Video tutorials

1st challenge: TEXTILE INDUSTRY and its impact on rising CO2 levels

2nd challenge: The loss of BIODIVERSITY & changing ecosystems

3rd challenge: TRANSPORTATION emissions changing the chemistry of ocean water

4th challenge: DEFORESTATION effect on increased extreme weather conditions

5th challenge: Inadequate urban planning causing URBAN HEAT ISLANDS

6th challenge: Loss of usable FRESH WATER in the landscape

7th challenge: Large CO2 footprint of food due to FOOD WASTE

8th challenge: HOTTER TEMPERATURES of the global surfaces

9th challenge: Increased HEALTH RISKS caused by climate change