This page is for everyone:
• who shares our passion for nature and the landscape,
• who is convinced of the need to implement environmental education (EE) into teaching in primary and secondary schools,
• who wants to learn more about current environmental problems in the world,
• who wants to try research-based activities with students, aimed at monitoring the quality of the local environment,
• who is looking for ideas for environmental activities for their students.

Within the international project “BIOPROFILES – Implementation of practical environmental education in schools” the materials focused on practical environmental education were created to improve the skills of the teacher in its implementation into daily teaching. The materials are not just for teachers who have been implementing EE for a long time, or for environmental coordinators in schools. They can be used by those who are motivated to implement environmental issues into education but do not know how to start.

Let`s find out more about the project outputs in the ENVIROMINIMUM section.


6 partners from 4 European countries participated in the project and the creation of materials:

  • Learning through Landscapes, the United Kingdom,
  • VITA XXI, Spain,
  • CNR-IBE, Italy,
  • Strom života / Tree of life, Slovakia
  • Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia
  • INAK, o.z., Slovakia


We believe the materials developed within the BIOPROFILES project will help you acquire sufficient knowledge of current areas so that you can practically implement environmental education into the teaching of your subjects. You will also get acquainted with the environmental topics inspiring you to pay attention to your surroundings, the current state of the landscape and the changes that occur in it. Unfortunately, the environment quality, the landscape suitable for life, clean water or air, are no longer a matter of course in some parts of the world.

We, the project partners, believe that there will be people in every country who are committed to making a difference for the better. And that allows us to hope – to hope that we will preserve the landscape that surrounds us, even for future generations, so that they can see how beautiful it is …

“Many little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world“
Eduardo Galeano