In September and October 2022, 2 international trainings were organized, one in Santiago de la Ribera, Spain and the other in Modra,
. A total of 49 participants took part in the trainings – teachers, lecturers, or experts from practice. Together they shared experiences and
learned how to help young people understand the impact of climate change at the local level and how to increase their climate literacy. The goal of the trainings, as well as the entire TEACHING GREEN project, within which the trainings were organized, was
to support the participants’ critical
thinking, digital skills, a sense of social responsibility for the local environment, and to support the environmental behaviour of all participants

6 international partners working in the field of environmental education from 4 countries – Slovakia, Italy, Spain and Cyprus – are involved in the TEACHING GREEN project. They were also training lecturers – Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Studies of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Strom zivota, and INAK, NGOs from Slovakia, CNR-IBE from Italy, VITA XXI from Spain and CARDET from Cyprus.

If you want to know how it was, watch the following video from the training participants in Spain.

Training in Santiago de la Ribera, Spain
Training in Modra, Slovakia