Water is an essential precondition for life on Earth. There is life only where there is water.

Water is also one of the most common substances on Earth. It is all around – in the air forming the clouds, fog, and rain; it is on the ground and under the ground; it is present in all living organisms and plants.

Water is the subject of many proverbs, sayings, idioms, and popular pearls of wisdom. We all know that “blood is thicker than water” and “still waters run deep”. We need to keep in mind “not to go near the water until we learn how to swim” not to enter the “troubled waters”. Sometimes we try so hard that we “bring water to the sea”. And sometimes we feel “like a fish out of water” but sometimes we “take to things like a duck to water”. 🙂

There is no doubt that water is the most important compound on Earth, an essential component of the biosphere, and a significant substance to ensure human nutrition. Water is indispensable to our everyday life and we do not mean just quenching the thirst. Water is an important raw material for industry, a prerequisite for successful agricultural and forestry production, an important means of energy production, and an important means of transportation and recreation. Also, its role is cultural and aesthetic in cultivating the landscape and the environment.

Water is also an essential component of biomass and a major means of transporting nutrients, including their uptake and excretion. Last but not least, it is a precondition of cleanness, hygiene, and good health. It was not without reason that the 22nd March was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992 as the World Water Day. You can also read more about water in our HANDBOOK TEACHING GREEN, we dealt with water in 5 chapters…


Although many countries currently have a lockdown and distance learning in schools, try to celebrate this day with the students. Announce a photo competition on the topic: Forms of water. Encourage students to try to capture the different forms of water – in the form of ice, rain, a flowing river, a dripping water tap, the sea, etc. Collect photos in digital form and prepare a presentation with the students. You can print the best photos and post them on the school premises, along with information about the importance of water. And don’t forget to discuss with the students what water means to them. We will be happy if you share some photos also on the Facebook page of TEACHING GREEN INTERNATIONAL group.

“Water was given a magical power to become the juice of life on Earth.”
Leonardo da Vinci