Join us in monitoring 9 selected indicators of climate change impacts as part of practical monitoring with your students! Find out how these impacts are happening in your area and what we can all do about it.

Each indicator provides a refined methodology of practical education about climate change on a selected topic, based on the citizen science approach. The methodology is divided into four steps:

  • The first step is to create a group of students who will implement the activities. Before the start of the activities, students fill out assessment questionnaires, which you can use to evaluate their attitudes towards selected climate change impact.
  • The second step is theoretical preparation, during which students and teachers get to know the given issue more closely.
  • The third step is the actual monitoring of climate change impact in your surroundings. The students will process the conclusions from the monitoring into a presentation for their classmates or the public.
  • In the final fourth part, students fill out the assessment questionnaire again. By comparing both questionnaires, changes in their character attitudes can be evaluated.

Indicators of climate change impact for download: